Michel Lemire Artisan



Welcome on Michel Lemire Artisan d’art website (craftsman)

5530, rue Principale
Grand-Saint-Esprit (Québec) J0G 1B0
819 289-2470, (home and workshop)
819 448-2470, (mobile)



Design, making of, purchase unique hand-made objects or in small series, creation of indoor and outdoor green spaces, trainees are welcome.



Fountain sculptures, bread ovens (kilns), flower beds and/or gardens.

Training in craft pottery, workshops, animating in the public environment as well as exhibits consisting of ornamental ceramic and useful pottery.

Indoor and outdoor hydroponic green walls, framed ceramic decor and vegetable gardens in a frame, wooden islands made of recycled pallets: compost bins and raised mini-gardens adapted to the needs of the customer.)